First snow

Every autumn, my Facebook feed informs me of my essential history: how many tomatoes I harvested the previous season, the colours of the fading garden from five years ago, what last year’s Halloween pumpkin turned into, and what the ranch looked like during my final October visit.

This year, the October sojourn coincided with Halloween (so no jack-o-lantern for the history feed) and with the first snow of the year. I got on the road early so as to miss the major portion of the storm, and arrived to several inches of snow and gently drifting flakes. That called for boots and a walk!

First snow

The new “tiny house”, with insulation and a wood stove, makes winter camping mostly comfortable. There are still long minutes in the morning, however, while the fire gets going. I took that time to capture the view from the window:

Saturday night was brilliantly clear, with glittering stars and a jaunty crescent moon. I captured no history-making pictures of that night, however, just lovely memories.

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