drawing whales and inventing names

I spent the last days of June at Pearson College, Metchosin, Vancouver Island, at a mentored art residency. Nine days of time to work with studio space, a mentor for input, and six new friends for support and camaraderie. It was time (and money) well spent!

The location proved ideal for my project. Most of my time was spent working through concepts and imagery for my latest piece, “In the belly of Sheol”. As noted on my Jonah page, the site provided both sea scenes and a whale skeleton as inspiration.

The experience also provided affirmation for the process and form that my current works are taking. When working in solitude, it is difficult to judge the logic and direction of concepts that don’t “fit” neatly into categories. I spent the week trying to describe what I do– illustration? drawing? it is not painting… finally, my fellow pilgrims on the residency named it for me:

The work I do is “narrative illumination”. I tell stories in images, drawing upon the ancient practices of manuscript illumination. Exactly!

So welcome to my renamed blog and my newest narrative illumination:

In the belly of Sheol

In the Belly of Sheol

wild lilies

Wild Lilies ~ Jane Rowland ~ 2019

My current project: translating my current technique (felt pen doodles, sharpie, pencil crayon, and metallic watercolours) into images of my favorite wildflowers. I am quite pleased with the result… it could be a card, or calendar, or…?